Our wholesale orders are sold and packed as is. Keep in mind, that at the moment, none of our products have barcodes. Retailer is responsible to barcode the items to match the other items in their store.

Resale is absolutely NOT permitted on third-party selling platforms like Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace. Resale is only permitted in-person and/or on a retailer’s independent website.


Minimum Opening Order/Reorder: $100 USD (before shipping costs)

Minimum Quantities: 3 pieces in the same style/pattern must be ordered per product


Payments will be processed exclusively through our website.


Our fulfillment time for wholesale orders ranges from 1-5 business days. 

If you need an order expedited, we are usually able to accommodate that—please email hello@simplidaypaper.com to request expedited fulfillment.


We do not offer returns or exchanges on wholesale orders. If your order arrived damaged, please send us an email at hello@simplidaypaper.com within 7 days of receiving your order.


All items should be displayed and sold in their original packaging. All items packaged as sets must be sold as sets. Removing items from their original packaging or breaking up sets may result in denial of future orders.


Retailers are permitted to use our product photography for their own websites and social media channels. If you choose to do this, we ask that you provide attribution to @simplidaypaper for all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest). Failure to provide attribution may result in denial of future orders and in some cases, filing DMCA copyright takedowns.

Photos may be downloaded directly from our website listings for use ONLY by our retailers.

Please also note that failing to provide attribution can hurt both Simpliday Paper and the retailer’s reputation. We ask for clear and visible attribution when using Simpliday Paper product photography.

At the moment, we do not sell internationally. USA shipping only.

Agree to all of our terms? We can't wait to have you as a stockist! Email hello@simplidaypaper.com to apply today.